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Arts & Crafts for Humans

Arts & Crafts for HumansArts & Crafts for HumansArts & Crafts for Humans

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At Whimsy, we truly believe we have options for all ages (and genders and colors) and interests. From mosaics, to paint to decoupage - the hardest part of your experience is choosing what you want to do! Don't see something on the shelf - let us help you imagine your next project.

More than Just a Studio

Whimsy is a special place. It's more than just a craft studio. It's a feeling. A destination. A place where families connect, friends reunite, children develop self confidence. With 4,000 sq ft, there is ample room to spread out and play.  Book a party, plan an event or just simply walk-In.  

Our Team

We are moms (and a grandmom!) that believe in nurturing the creative spirit in everyone. Conceived in 2000, we have been proud to be in the community for almost 20 years.  Our caring staff is all about customer service, creativity and all around happiness! 

Birthday Parties

 When comparing your options, keep in mind that with a Whimsy party, your guests are taking home a project and our attention to service is the reason our customers keep coming back! 

What kind of craft activities can be done at a Whimsy Party? At Whimsy, we have options for all ages and interests. Parties are an hour and a half and start at $16 per child  but can vary depending on the projects and add-ons chosen (i.e. the sluice add-on is $5)  Typically we have you select a category (wood, mosaics, ceramics, stuffies, etc) and a corresponding budget (see below) and then we give the children choices within that. We also offer mining as an add-on option where kids get to sift in our muddy river for gemstone treasure!   

As an example, if you select basic wood and mining, kids would choose between five or six $16 wood options (treasure box, bird house, heart box, etc.) and then the mining would be $5 additional for a total of $21 per child.  Mosaics range between $16 and $20, small stuffies which include the T-shirt art run $20-$21, etc.  (Note: there is a $200 minimum for an official hosted Whimsy party. ) 

What is included in addition to my craft?  Birthday parties Include: A party host and helper(s), a digital photo of the group, a special gift for the birthday child, a whole lotta fun and…best of all…peace of mind. From greeting your guests to serving the cake, we do all the work and you get to enjoy the party. You bring in your cake, candles, juice boxes, paper goods and we'll do both the set up and clean up. If you are scheduled during a meal time - we work with a pizza place that delivers a great product on time. We contact you a week before the party to get the first names of your guests, review what you have to bring and make sure you’re set for the big day! 

                                                     General Birthday Party Info

Party Minimums: For an ‘official’ Whimsy party there is a $200 minimum excluding food and tax. If you are planning on a small group, you are always welcome and we would set it up as a scheduled ‘walk-in’. Ask a Whimsy associate for details. 

Cancellation Fees: Parties may be cancelled up to 3 weeks in advance with no penalty. If the party is cancelled with less than 3 weeks notice, your credit card will be charged a $200 cancellation fee. In the case of illness or dangerous weather conditions, we will work with you to reschedule your event.

Paper Goods: If you plan on serving food and drinks, please bring ALL paper goods. (Paper plates for pizza, cake, utensils, napkins, drink cups, tablecloths…) 

Time Allotment: Parties run 1-½ hours in duration and are booked at two hour intervals If your guests are late, just remember that there are other parties scheduled after yours. Studio rental is available for longer events. 

Opening Gifts: Due to time restrictions gifts may not be opened at Whimsy. 

Pinatas/Blowers: We are sorry to say that Pinatas and noise horn blowers are not allowed at Whimsy

Food: If your party is scheduled during a meal time, we can add pizza to your bill ($11 for large cheese plus delivery/tip). You are always welcome to bring in your own birthday cake, ice-cream, and beverages. We have both a refrigerator and a freezer. All other food items should be discussed in advance as a food service fee may be imposed. 

Adult Supervision: We do our very best to make your party as effortless as possible for you but you are ultimately responsible for caring for your children and guests as it relates to diapers/bathroom assistance, behaviour and overall adherence to Whimsy’s safety rules. You are also liable for damages incurred by party attendees to Whimsy property and or goods.

Adult Guests: We love parents, but Whimsy parties focus on the kids. We understand that some parents expect to stay – especially with the little ones. Conceptually this is fine, but it becomes a problem when the number of adults exceeds the number of children. We have a hard time getting to the kids, we have less room for our walk-in customers, and it makes our job much more difficult. If you are planning a large event with many adults (family party, reunion, church group, etc.), please talk to a Whimsy associate re: studio rental. If the number of your adults is excessive– a service fee may be imposed, and/or we may need to ask some to drop off.  




$16 - $20

Choose from a variety of decorative plaques and mirrors. Start off by painting it and then finish it off with as many mosaic tiles as it will hold. (A true mosaic has grout but we can only do that for walk ins and workshops)




Pick a project that is fun to paint and functional too! Treasure boxes, bird houses, mirror dressers and more. Combine it with a trip to the mining sluice and you have a memorable party that works for all genders and ages.




A favorite at any age! Paint a tiny T-shirt  and then stuff an 8" cuddly friend full of love and soft fluffy stuffing.  Don't forget to put in the heart!  Your choice of many adorable animals.



$16 - $20

Choose between boxes, banks or whimsical statues. Nicer quality than plaster but nothing that you would eat off of or drink out of that needs firing. We're all about immediate gratification especially with the younger ones!



$16 - $23

The french art of painting with paper. It's a little messy but ultimately its easy to do and the end product always looks divine. Works best for parties if the group is smaller and the kids are older.

your imagination!!!



Have an inkling of an idea you want to pursue?  Or a theme you want matched?  Give us a little time and a little leeway and we'll come back to you with options and pricing.

Field Trips, Group Events



Need a project coordinated around a specific curriculum? Want to test your students' imaginations in a different type of classroom setting?  Let us work with you to come up with options that best suit your group's needs.



What better way to de-stress the team then by exercising a little creativity!  This group happened to select their mascot as the project of the day.  We think that teams that craft together WIN regardless of the end score.  :)



A college outing option that doesn't involve social media. Perfect for dorm bonding, group projects or sorority events.  

grownup NIGHTS OUT


Book Cub, Girls (or Boys!) Night, PTO Socials, Fundraising Events



The Art of Psanky Egg Dying, To Die For Trivets, Not Your Standard Canvas, Mosaic Tables and Mirrors.  Organize a private event for your work colleagues or school (15 person minimum) or check out the event page and come to one that is already scheduled. 



The Uncommon Shower Option!  For parents to be, brides to be.  Decorate crafts for the baby or work on wedding favors!

whimsy Artist/project highlight of the week

 Decoupaged unicorn by magical artist 


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